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23.04.2013 Приглашаем вас на on-line лекцию от Tilburg University (Нидерланды)

Приглашаем вас на on-line лекцию от Tilburg University (Нидерланды).

Дата проведения: 29 апреля 2013 (пн), 18:45-21:30
Тема: введение в право и гуманитарные науки (см. описание ниже на английском языке).
Рабочий язык: английский
Ссылка для участия (зайти за 5 минут до начала лекции)

This lecture, a first year Liberal Arts and Sciences course, An Introduction to Law & Humanities is titled: King Rex, Bananas and Terrorism and will be given by Dr. David Janssens and Prof. Dr. Willem Witteveen. This course is given by means of Team Teaching, a very unique characteristic to the study of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Tilburg University. Two academics, each with a different academic background jointly teach one subject. In this particular event you will be taught by a Philosopher alongside a Law Scholar.

How can you attend the lecture?
Simply click on this link on Monday 29 April, approximately 5 minutes before the start. Not only can you attend the entire lecture online, you can even participate in the lecture right from where you are. How? By chatting with us via the mediasite.

Lecture Synopsis & Preparation
Like never before, life in the 21st century is regulated by laws. What are good laws? What are bad laws? How can we make and apply the former? How can we avoid making and applying the latter?

In this session, we will address these questions using Lon Fuller's famous story of King Rex, the European Union's infamous regulation on bananas, and the notorious difficulties attending terrorism laws.
Now, to make the most of this web lecture and to enable you to participate in the group discussions I have enclosed two papers for you to read. The first one from Lon Fuller, is a PDF document and the other one can be found via this link.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to be a virtual Liberal Arts and Sciences student and mark your calendar now!

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