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11.09.2015 Review of Estudio Sampere school in Spain, Salamanca


My daughter, Anastasia of 2001 / р (14 years) had a trip to Spain, the city of Salamanca, the Estudio Sampere center school, on summer vacation of 2015, for the purpose of studying - a pure Spanish pronunciation and replenishment of a lexicon, preparation for examination BUSINESS of B1, level of proficiency in language at the time of B1.2 trip.

There is a wish to note at once very hearty and warm welcome - a host, all employees both in the residence and at school, were very attentive to Anastasia and rendered all assistance, including and change of the plan of training and group (at the request of the daughter).

The residence - very decent hostel with certain rooms, settling is possible - single, two and three local.
That is pleasant, so this existence of Wi-fi, sink, mirror and cases in the room, conveniences on a floor.
Everything is very pure and cleaned, the hostess tries to be useful to everything, it is possible to address to her 24/7 on any question, the dining room here and in kitchen cook various food. In case of need shops and cafes all nearby...

Many teenagers coming and stopping in families, through some time moved to the Residence, more cheerfully and it is better located.

Training - very decent and interestingly moves material, many subjects in Russia aren't offered at all,
also we took in addition - individual preparation to BUSINESS, some hours in day, throughout all stay, very much was useful in a consequence, the teacher giving classes was very well familiar with that as well as what exactly is estimated at this examination BUSINESS of B1.

All trip was pleasant, but without delight as this institution is more aimed at teenagers from 17+ and adults, Anastasia's age (14 years) wasn't, there was one girl from the USA 15 years with parents and the teenager from Austria 15 years, all others on age of 17-18 years...., with language level from A1.2 to B1 (inclusive), above groups in August wasn't.

Aktiviti didn't like daughters, as well as to excursion, for the teenager of 14 years - too tiresome. In the pool so not to time also I wasn't, far is.

The youth comes from the different countries, even from Latin America (they have not pure Spanish and come specially to improve language, including and before examinations at itself at school), i.e. it first of all SCHOOL for serious studying of Spanish, with homeworks..., but not summer camp for children or teenagers.

Nastya got acquainted and made friends with teenagers from France, Brazil, the USA, Austria, the Netherlands and Great Britain, Slovenia and Portugal...

The transfer - was is exemplary the indicative.

The general conclusion - if to you 17+, your level from A1.2. to B1 and you want to perfect a pronunciation, to increase and improve a lexicon, the correct giving in language,
you will be happy with the made choice, I recommend.

Sergey Gorelik

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