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15.12.2017 AcademConsult is an official member of Russo-British Chamber of Commerce

Since June, 2017 AcademConsult has become a member of Russo-British Chamber of Commerce.

Russo-British Chamber of Commerce (RBCC) is a non-governmental non-commercial organization that unites Russian and British companies and contributes to development of bilateral trade and economic relations between Russia and the UK.

15.12.2017 AcademConsult receives a “Diamond agency” award

It’s not bragging if you can do it.

Dizzy Dean, baseball player, member of the Baseball Hall of Fame

AcademConsult agency is now a happy owner of the unique award from Canadian language school ILAC! AcademConsult was named a “Diamond agency”. Hip hip, hooray!

This award is a result of long partnership with our ILAC friends, it is a recognition of our agency as an essentially important partner that provides high-standard services in terms of student placement to various courses and educational programs!

15.12.2017 AcademConsult – official SPIBA members.

General Meeting of SPIBA members where AcademConsult was named an official member of the Association took place on October, 25 in Astoria hotel. The meeting was held with the support of Leningrad region Government Chairman in Economics and Investment D.A. Ialov and deputy head of Saint Petersburg Administration Governor Iu.V. Ludinova.

Saint Petersburg International Business Association (SPIBA) is an independent non-commercial organization that unites foreign and Russian companies.

SPIBA actively interacts with Russian governmental institutions as well as with mass media representing the Association members’ opinion considering investment climate in Russia and protecting their mutual interests. SPIBA organizes dialogue between the governmental bodies and business society with the aim of creating beneficial conditions for development and functioning of private companies.

Possessing 23-year experience in providing consulting services in the sphere of education abroad, we are happy to become a reliable partner of international community in the North-East of Russia assisting in establishing bonds between business and governmental institutions and contributing to finding optimal solutions in the field of educational activity for our corporate and private clients.

30.12.2016 Happy New Year

Season’s greetings from AcademConsult agency! We are wishing you a Happy New Year and the very best for 2017.

30.12.2015 Best wishes for a pleasant and successful New Year!

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